Chinese Date/Jujube Fiber

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Fruit Extract
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Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
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Jujube fiber:
Date Fiber
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Chinese Date/Jujube Fiber

Chinese Date/Jujube fiber

Hand in hand with dietary fiber, refuse gastrointestinal disease!


Characters Description
Dark red-brown powder, slightly fragrance of jujube,a little sweet. Particles through the rage of 60 ~ 300 mesh , Total fiber content ≥65(Measured results is above 80%).

Major effectiveness
To improve the gastrointestinal tract, be helpful for lose weight, prevent constipation hemorrhoids rectal cancercolon cancer breast cancer coronary heart disease, etc.

Usage and dosage
1.For the functional food ingredient, to develop high-class health food, recommend to add the volume of 60%~100% ;
2.For Baked goods as industry additives, to develop high-fiber foods, recommend to add the volume of 3%~6% ;
3.Used in the production of yeast as a stabilizer.

Appropriate industry

  1. Used in direct sales industry to develope new product (lose weight or lipid-lowering category)

   2.  Used in Baked foods industry (cookies, cakes, bread, etc.)
   3.  Used in manufacturers of Yeast, Vinegar

1. Selling point advantage: Dietary fiber is known as the seventh nutrients,and we are the unique supplier of jujube dietary fiber all over the world;
2. Raw material advantage: Jujube is the special fruit of Chinese;
3. Technology advantage: National patent technology ,fill the International gap;
4. Component advantage: High fiber content, and other indicators comply with relevant standards.

Conventional packaging
Inner package: food-grade PE bags   20kg/bag
Overpack: food-grade kraft paper bag
Net Content: 20kg/bag
Gross Weight:21kg

Size: 65cm* 50cm*20cm


Tips: Nutrients that abandoned once!

Dietary fiber refers to the edible plant-derived ingredients, carbohydrate and the sum of similar substances which are anti-human intestinal digestion and absorption in the small intestine but can be partial or total fermentated in the large intestine, it includes polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, lignin and other related plant materials. Usually, crude fiber is known as having no nutrition on the human body, so it doesnt be serious all the time.
Through a series of investigations and studies, people discovered that, though the dietary fiber could not be digested and absorbed, but it is an essential nutrients which has an important physiological role in the maintenance of human health. Because of its outstanding function in the prevention of human gastrointestinal tract disease and the maintenance of gastrointestinal health, dietary fiber have the reputation of "intestinal cleaner".
At 70 years, 20th century, Trowell proposed the concept of dietary fiber. To the 90's, there setted off a worldwide wave of dietary fiber research . Scientists from different fields including doctors, nutritionists, food scientists, biochemists and science policy makers related to food laws and nutrition education gave extensive attention to dietary fiber, after 30 years of research and development, it has gradually become widely popular health food products in developed countries this century, and also it has been classified officially as "the seventh largest nutrients. "which following the sugar, protein, fat, water, minerals and vitamins by the World Health Organization .
The US FDA recommends that an adult should have the dietary intake of dietary fiber to 30-35 grams per day, especially, the elderly people and crowd with coronary heart disease or high blood pressure should take larger daily supplementary of dietary fiber. At present, in most developed countries per capita intake of dietary fiber is less than 15 grams / day, so we can see the market prospect is broad.
Dietary fiber has a wide range of applications , it can be consumed alone, or be made into tablets or capsules according to actual needs; also can be added into daily food such as bread, steamed bread, ham,etc to strengthen its functions and enhance the product competitiveness. Practice has proved that foods added dietary fiber are more popular than ordinary food in consumers.